Frequently Asked Questions


Certainly this might be an excellent decision and surely a healthier one, not only because of the much warmer climate all year round, but also because of the slower pace of life. Life in Spain will be different to the life you might have been used to before, as everything here is regarded from a more tranquil point of view, which makes life healthier due to less stress. Last but not least, the thought of less environmental pollution and better air quality makes it appear a very good idea to come and live over here, not only for people suffering under certain health disorders. So what do you have to do, if you want to live in Spain on a permanent basis? If you intend to spend more than six months physically present in Spain during one calendar year, you will be required to become a Spanish Resident. BUT: If you intend to spend no more than 103 days at one time in Spain, then you are free to do so without formalities! Let us remind you that if your stay will be longer you will need a residence permit that allows you to live full time. In that matter Spain is no exception at all, as even in other European countries “free circulation has not become the norm yet”.


You will need the following: Your passport and one complete photocopy of your passport. Evidence of Medical insurance (please note this for persons of non-retirement age, we will deal with pensioners later ). Proof that you receive a regular income or have investment capital providing a regular income ( this will sometimes need to be translated). If your marital status is married you will be asked to provide an original marriage certificate and one photocopy. You will be asked to pay a small amount, at present 6.00 € ( approx. 4 Pound Sterling ) for your Spanish state paper. Four recent, passport size photos. You make your application at the local police station “Policia Nacional “, at the Foreigners Department: “Departamento para Extranjeros” and all the forms are also available in English. We would strongly suggest that you first spend some time in the place of your choice, as you have got 3 months (103 days) and then go through all the necessary formalities.


There are two types of work permits existing, one for self employed: (AUTONOMO) and one for employees: (CUENTA AJENA). The same applies as in the UK according to the EU regulations of 1st January 1992 that require that all EU citizens looking for work in Spain must be treated equal as Spaniards. What you should do, when you first arrive in Spain is to go to the Local office of the National Employment Institute (INSTITUTO NACIONAL DE EMPLEO). CUENTA AJENA-being employed by another, that is the simple translation (on another persons account ). You will need to bring in your legal work contract (given by your employer) plus a photocopy. You will also need your passport, four extra photographs + photocopy + 6.00€ (approx. 4 Pound Sterling) for your papers. The first work permit will be for 6 month and will be automatically renewed after every five years. (As long as there will be no new changes with the EU regulations)


As Spain’s tourist industry is still growing there is much to do in it’s commercial development and consumer industries. So it can be said that there are good opportunities for setting up or buying a business not only because as Spain being a relatively new member in the EU is still benefiting from the extra cash from Brussels and also from a booming economy. Of course as for the new start of any business you should carefully consider the type of it and set it up in an area in which you already have knowledge and expertise. After the consideration of the market place and the final decision about which market to go for, you should make sure that you have proper financial backing, to avoid any type of unexpected surprises. AUTONOMO- Self employed Depending on what type of business you intend to set up the paperwork’s and formalities required, do vary. If it is your wish to set up a professional practice i.e. medicine, dentistry, architecture, etc. The originals of all your titles and degrees should also come from an EU recognised body. Any business no matter if a professional practice or a bar will need a business licence (IMPUESTO DE ACTIVIDADES ECONOMICAS). The registration with the Social Security as self employed person will be needed. The fees of self employed workers are approx. 160.00 € per month (122 Pound Sterling) depending on sex and age. The Social Security entitles you to state medical treatment and a pension after 15 years. As with the above mentioned your passport plus photocopy , four extra photographs and 6.00€, for your state papers will also be required. Your future place of work, office, surgery etc. will need a municipal opening licence (LICENCIA DE APERTURA). In Spain it is usual to provide a so called GESTOR /Tax accountant to carry out all the steps mentioned here. A GESTOR will charge you a small amount monthly but will take all the hassle and inconveniences out of your way and gets all your legal paperwork organized in return.


In opposite to eventual stories that you may have heard about purchasing property abroad, are standing the thousands of Europeans who have bought in Costa Blanca Costa Calida & Costa del Sol , who are ever so happy indeed. To avoid any mistakes that might occur due to either not understanding fully the different language and mechanics of the system, you should really use the professional skills available! The team of Getaway Villas will guide you with it’s professionalism through the whole process, offering a bilingual sales staff that is always open for your questions. With Getaway Villas YOU CAN TAKE YOUR TIME in visiting properties, as we are aware that areas and locations vary greatly, as do the facilities that each development, urbanisation and region offers. We know that it is necessary for our clients to visit and view as many properties as they feel necessary to get comfortable with their final choice. FOR THAT PURPOSE WE HAVE CREATED ONE OF THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE WEB-SITES TO OFFER OUR SERVICES AND OUR COMPETENT, PROFESSIONAL ADVICE!! Once you’ve chosen your dream property, be it apartment, villa or land you will need to make an offer based on the asking price and the advice of the Estate Agent. The price that you are offering will not include the 6% Transfer tax nor the Registration fee or the Notary fee. Now we will give you an example of a


Within some Urbanisation’s it is included in the community fees. The annual fee varies from residential complex, to area, etc. One more advice that is well worth investigating is, that most Town Halls and tax authorities are offering incentives for early payments of tax.


Quarantine is not imposed in Spain and all your pet shall have is a certificate to be in good health and to have all appropriate vaccinations. Like that you will have no problem bringing your pet into Spain.


If you are over retirement age you will be automatically entitled to reciprocal benefits under the Spanish National Health System, which is equipped with the best up to date technology. An impressive part of the world best doctors are from Spain and do work for the National Health System also. If you are under retirement age and not an employee or paying for your social security fees as a self -employed person, you will have to take a private health insurance. Private health care is readily available and reasonably priced. Companies like BUPA and SANITAS do offer international medical cover and have hospitals and clinics where the staff does speak English, German and French.


As the amount of people who want to come to retire in Spain is quite important, we felt it necessary to dedicate a whole section to that question, even though it is a real simple procedure and ever so common. If you want to come and retire in Spain means that you are going to stay on a permanent basis, which means that you will be required to become a Spanish Resident and to obtain the Spanish Residence permit. You will be required to prove that you have sufficient income/ pension to be able to support yourself. A basic EU state retirement pension is acceptable as a means of support. You will need to take in your pension book plus a photocopy. You will need to take into the local Police Station your passport and a copy, and fill in the relevant form which is also available in English.

Medical Insurance: This is very simple procedure for pensioners who have paid into their Social Security in the UK. You will only have to go along your Social Security office in your home town, pick up form E 121, and present it to the nearest Social Security office of your choice after your arrival in Spain. After a short while you will receive your own “CARTILLA” (Spanish Social Security card). That card will entitle you to the same medical care and benefits as a Spaniard. In case that you will not have accumulated this entitlement it would be good to take out private medical insurance, that can be obtained from many companies with good reputation. Their premiums will depend on age and state of health, but are still very reasonable. The arrangement for collecting your state pension in Spain can be made quite easy if you collaborate with your Social Security office in your home town, as they will have all the answers . In case you will have a dependent spouse with no separate pension, you will need to present your marriage certificate and a photocopy. If you do need more specific information for example about: Children’s education, Insurances or if you will need any address in concrete for example: Lawyers, Colleges, Tax Accountants, etc. we will certainly be delighted to provide you with the information requested a.s.a.p. At this point we would like to say good-bye, hoping that this information has been helpful for your specific questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further questions or other requirements.